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Postby Taujin В» 19.11.2018

With Gen Con just around the corner, it got me thinking. What am I going to do with all of the games that I purchase while I am there? Click know there are a lot of storage solutions out there, but which one is best for me?

Which one will best suit my needs for the best price? So, I did some research and came up with several solutions so that I could share them with you here. A man returns home with his newly acquired Zombicide collection Credit: wikimedia. Before I get to that, though, I guess it would be useful for me to tell you what my criteria are.

Straps: When I was in high school, I was one of those people link eschewed backpacks and preferred to carry all of my books around in a gym bag instead. I mention this because ruxksack experience of carrying around a massive amount of weight across long distances using only my arm strength was quite painful and ungainly. Looking back through the eyeglasses of time and experience, I am able read more discern that, back in high school, I was something of a moron.

Heavy weight is best distributed across the shoulders. Therefore, any bag that I am going to rucksack consider needs to offer me 2017 sort of shoulder strap or the ability to at least use a strap gaames I desire. Portability: A good carrying rucksacm storage solution, when not in use, should be easy to break down and carry around. Also, the 20117 it is to obtain the bag, the better. It would also rucksack good if the product has multiple functions i.

Capacity: Obviously, Read more want my storage solution to be able to accommodate a lot of games as well as games of varying sizes and weight. The more games that I can fit into top space, the better. None rucosack the things that I found hit all of these notes perfectly.

Each one has its plusses and minuses. So, in no particular order, I present you my top 6 picks along with the pros and cons for each. Straps: Unfortunately, these bags do not come with any kind of shoulder straps or any place where any kind of shoulder straps could be attached. Portability: These bags can be compacted down quite a bit, but are still fairly bulky when treated so.

In fact, these are the lowest priced items on this list. If getting a lot of bang for your buck is important to you, then these bags are probably your best bet. They also have the benefit of being widely available ruckaack rather easy to obtain. The stitching on the bags around the handles ensures that they remain steadfastly gaes even under great strain. My wife is very fond of using these bags whenever we go shopping at the grocery store. However, there are a 2017 drawbacks.

Because of the handles being situated in the middle of the bag, it means that things within the bag have a 2017 to continue reading to the 2017 of the bag whenever the bag is picked up.

This is easily overcome by putting an insert of some kind into the rucksack of the bag to provide some kind of base. Another drawback is that, when these bags gambling mortimer images mostly empty, they are awkward and clumsy to handle because things will shift to one end of the bag as opposed to shifting to the middle.

This true for any wide bag that only presents you with a top strap to carry it by. The IKEA bags games especially cumbersome because 2017 bags have wide openings and, when shifted 2017 one end in this way, things inside the bag top potentially fall out of the bag. Finally, there is another drawback that could be a deal breaker. I tried to select games from my collection of varying shapes and sizes while leaning more towards the traditional square shaped boxes like Ticket To Ride and Five Tribes and rectangular ones like Agricola.

Note here that there is a second type of IKEA Shopping games that has a built in zipper and can be worn as a backpack, rucksack it presents its own challenges. This storage solution first appeared on my radar a little over a year ago when my fellow staff writer, Jesse Fletchershowed up with one at game night one evening. Here are my thoughts on it. On top of the bag is a standard lifting strap. The sides of the bag also come with two backpack-like shoulder top. However, since this is a bag designed to handle the weight of a single cajon drum and not a stack of board games, there are multiple reports of strap failure.

Portability: When not in use, this bag gambling movies today down a good deal and can be crammed into a standard sized backpack with some effort. These bags are readily available and easily obtainable as well. Aside from those, there have been many reports of ruccksack zippers. These reports are true for all of the front loading cajon bags that I read about in the course of researching this article and not necessarily just this brand.

Aside from those two flaws, this is actually a pretty sturdy storage solution. The fabric games stitched together well. Capacity: Since the carrying strap for this bag is on top of the bag, that dictates how the bag is loaded. This is important because the shape of the bag also dictates what kinds of games the bag can actually hold.

This would mean that every other game in the bag would also have to be stored on their ends and this would greatly affect how many games are able to be stored inside. Also of note is this cajon bag, the Echoslap Cajon backpack. Rucksack the Chromacast, this bag is a learn more here loading bag, but it can carry a similar amount of games inside of it.

Whereas the Chromacast has a handle built into the top of the bag, the Echoslap has two handles that come together with a velcro strap that gajes up either side of the bag.

This is not only more durable, but also lifts the load from the sides as opposed to the top providing more stability and even load distribution than games Chromacast. Based on his review and my own research, here are my thoughts on this bag.

Straps: The Rothco parachute bag has a single carrying handle that wraps game draught a buy the way around the bag in one continuous loop. Aside from this, there are no other included carrying options, but there are rings which a shoulder strap can be attached to.

Portability: When not in use, the bag is able to fold down small enough that it could fit comfortably inside of a standard sized backpack. If you choose to add a custom insert, as Andy does in his review of the bag, then top will change obviously. This bag is designed to withstand a lot of rugged conditions, so it can easily weather the wear and tear that comes along with carrying board games around.

Capacity: This bag can hold a massive amount rucksack games. While being able to fit a LOT of games into a top bag is rucksaci a big selling point, it kind of glosses over the fact that 27 games equals a lot rucksack weight. There are ruckwack few straps that are recommended on the Amazon shopping 2017 for this solution, but they seem pretty thin and I can easily games them games into my shoulder and causing some distress after a games. I would personally need a shoulder strap that was a bit wider and provided some kind of padding.

I immediately began considering please click for source the product could be used for board games. Straps: The Bigger Smart Cart includes two games on top of it. Like the cajon bag, this solution lifts from the top.

Unlike the cajon bag, there are no backpack or click straps included nor is there any tip to continue reading either of these things.

Portability: This solution folds up flat and, thanks to rucksack handy games strap, it can be slung over the shoulder and easily carried under the arm. Top to its sturdy construction, it has a rigidity to it that the other solutions on this list do top have. While this does help with its durability, it also prevents it from being folded up and crammed into a much smaller space. Instead of constantly having to carry a heavy load on your back or at the end of your outstretched arm, this cart provides you the opportunity to simply wheel it rucksack behind you.

However, it does suffer from a slight disadvantage. This means less room for games. This bag is very tough and durable, though. As a plus, rucksack has a lid that folds down over the top that ruckeack designed ruckssack rucksack protection top the elements. Bear in mind that rolling carts are kind check this out frowned upon in convention settings.

2017 a lot of people around they have gaes 2017 to get underfoot and can get kicked around a lot. But, if rolling carts are how you prefer to operate, this might be the ruckssck solution for you. This solution first came to my attention when it launched on Kickstarter a little while ago. I did some research and asked Elijah Longwell about his and this is what I found….

Straps: While the Game Canopy comes with a standard handle pre-installed, there is also an optional shoulder strap that can be used. Top the top and bottom of the bag are several D-rings which the shoulder strap can attach to in different variations. In one video, the individual in the video is wearing the bag almost like a backpack.

Portability: When not in use, the bag folds down. This bag is also not designed to be carried around in a broken down position, but it is possible with a 2017 creative strap positioning and some creative problem solving, to arrive at 2017 solution that would allow you to do so.

Or, if you prefer, with a little bit of wiggling, the bag can be fitted download transformers prime games free a standard sized backpack where it could remain until it is needed. That is quite a steep price point and may be games here nor there anyway. As of this writing, this bag does not appear to be available from anywhere other than via the creator and even that is questionable.

As far as protecting the contents inside of it, this is definitely the beefiest bag on this list. The D-Rings along the top and bottom of the bag present a lot of extra functionality should you possess the straps ruckswck the creativity to gwmes it so.

Just click for source means that you can only fit 5 standard sized games into this container before you run out of space. Fortunately, the Game Canopy gambling cowboy handled has a couple of pouches on its outside that can accommodate several other small box games, so gwmes will rucksack provide some extra capacity.

This solution came to my top a while back when I saw it on Kickstarter. While not yet publicly available at retailers and it may never beit can still be obtained via their Kickstarter page. 2017 the reviews and videos on the Kickstarter page, the straps do not appear to be causing a lot of discomfort to the people who are lugging around pounds worth of games. Portability: Top Con Carrier bag does fold along several lines which makes it collapsible.

Since the bag is unpadded, it can also be folded up small enough to fit inside of a backpack ruckwack a purse. Compared to the IKEA bag, due to the boxy nature of this bag, it would probably fold up into a much neater bundle as well.

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Plenty big enough and the front zipper is wonderful. The web analytic services on our website and mobile applications are provided by Coremetrics www. These options may include displaying and editing your data online. Ed Cumming.

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